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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 5, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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were trying to clean up. we are live in frederick. >> visit the scene all over the state. we are in frederick, maryland. trees are down and homes do not have power. winter echoed throughout maryland. thousands remain without electricity. branches coated with ice toppled on the power lines. this man is heading off to work just to take a shower. when he returns, he will have to contemplate the damage to his roof. felle tree across the road near my house. i don't think it hit anything, but it is too dark to see. >> power outages are so widespread that the utility company cannot provide restoration estimates. resident should repair to be without power for days.
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-- it is not the first time in frederick where we have lived about power. we are dealing with it. man had his neighbor over for some good conversation, surrounded by the candles he goodbye. neighborhood litter all his life. we were comparing notes and this is the worst we have ever seen. >> the worry is the wind. strong gusts are expected throughout the area. more trees might fall to the ground. usually officials tell me that the power outage situation is so widespread that they are seeking help from out-of-state crews. live in frederick, maryland, jay korff. >> thank you. a much calmer evening compared to the morning rush hour. what can we expect tomorrow morning? doug hill joins us with a first look at the weather. >> outside of the areas affected by the heavy ice, we will still
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be above freezing in some areas. it will be cold overnight. places like union bridge and carroll county, it will be in the upper 20's. hagerstown at 34 wind gust. it will be gusty all night and he will continue gusting for several hours. 30 mile-per-hour gusts in takoma park. we do not have ice on the trees, the ground is dry now. 29 in frederick. 31 right now in downtown washington. parisien cold tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 20's. gusty tonight and maybe some weekend snow. it will remain cold. we will have those details coming up. >> thank you doug. we have developing news out of fairfax county. the community is dealing with a
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tragic loss. two students died within days of each other this week. they both attended lately high school. they were 17 years old. we are live in mclean with this story. >> a lot of folks are taking this very hard. the high school is used to being in the news for good reasons. they are one of the top 100 high schools in the country. tonight the community is reeling after losing those students. this lately high student graduated last year. he knew both students who died. 17-year-olds died 24 hours apart. team was found monday afternoon at the nature reserve. the second was found on tuesday at a home in great falls. there is no
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connection between the two deaths. they have not released a cause, but do not suspect foul play. any number of people gathered in mclean baptist church to -- mclean bible church to remember those who died. >> i feel so bad for the families. i feel terrible. it is difficult. >> jamie strauss, whose restrict -- whose district includes lengthy, said that they are taking it hard. >> our hearts go out to the families. we want to help the families and the school. >> some in the community say aat this should serve as wake-up call for the school in terms of how students treat each other. one mother says that despite the great reputation here, there are probably a surface. have twothat when you students die in two days, you
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have a problem. live at langley high school, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we got a message from d.c. fire chief kenneth l -- 10 ellerbe tonight. i man had a heart attack and died steps away from a fire house. the family is preparing a possible lawsuit. no one tried to save his life. they asked for help. there is a new development in the story. is still nothief talking about the specifics of the case. now that the initial reports have been turned in and they had interviewed everyone involved, he is finally about to break his silence. 10 days in a case made national headlines. the d.c. fire chief has been mia until now. he tells us that he did not want to speak until the initial phase of the investigation was over.
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>> it could be a disciplinary matter quite possibly. i do not want anyone to suffer who did not have any influence in the disciplinary process. the 77-year-old cecil mills collapse of a heart attack across from the fire station. despite repeated pleas from his family, no one from that fire station would come to help. they said that he had to call 911. they were dispatched to the wrong quadrant of the city. mills died and he worked for the city for 47 years. ellerbe says that he knew mr. mills. it hit too close to home. >> mr. mills was a member of a fraternal organization that i belong to. he is somebody that i would see frequently. >> he has already expressed his condolences to the family. he would like to see the
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investigation through. >> this is something that i consider regretful. not run away from it, we should deal with it. >> we should learn more about the family's plans around 11:00 tomorrow morning, along with their attorneys. they have been looking at some measure that they can take to ensure this does not happen to another family. live in northwest easy, abc 7 news. >> police are investigating a person who was hit by a train at the dupont circle metro station. hit is a 36-year-old man. he's in serious condition. they do not believe the injuries are life-threatening. it is not clear if the man was on the tracks intentionally. the train has since reopened and service has returned to normal. as a fairfax county public school worker faces sex charges tonight.
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he worked in the computer labs at the elementary school in falls church. he is attempted with attempting to take -- he is charged with attempting to take indecent liberties with children. he used the internet to try to learn children. >> i am worried about my kids. something like that happens than it is an issue. >> he is free on bond tonight. police urge any victims that may be out there to please come forward. fastbreak in rate the case involving a missing police officer. three people have been arrested in conjunction with the fact of his suv. the arrests were made last night. two people were charged with grand larceny. another person was arrested on an outstanding warrant. our sister station in richmond
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spoke with the captain's brother about the case. hoping.e still you can't help but think the worst. >> police increase the reward to $30,000 will stop >> more than 200 job cuts are on the way for howard university. the staff positions will be eliminated over the next few months. it is part of a plan to address quality and efficiency. they would not tell us which positions will be cut. the changes should not impact public safety. howard state has had problems with its finances over the last two years. is about to snuff out tobacco sales at stores nationwide. the pharmacy chain said that it will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco.
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it is planning to be more of a health care provider. cvs will cost cbs -- approximately $2 billion in overall sales. >> a fast food franchise is making a change. >> additives in its famous recipe. >> and the opening ceremony at sochi. >> and beatles fans, repair yourself as we celebrate to commemorate the ♪
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they lived. ♪ they lived.
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♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. >> two days away from the opening of the olympics. the homeland security department terrorists may use tubes of toothpaste to smuggle explosives on airliners. some flights originating in the u.s. are heading to russia. this could be a real problem. members of the media are arriving to hotels that are unfinished and tapwater that it's unsafe.
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>> there are dozens of journalists. it is an embarrassment. >> there is also trouble with these keyboarding course. -- snowboarding course. several athletes got hurt. food blogger and health activist is leading to changes at subway. subway announced that it will remove a chemical from its bread which is used as a dough conditioner. this same chemical is said to increase elasticity in everything from yoga mats to shoe rubber. ingredient ishe fda approved. they will remove it anyway. the additive is banned in the u.k., europe, and australia. >> it will give your bread sunshine. [laughter] our area is gearing up to commemorate the 50th anniversary of music history.
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there will be a celebration of the washington coliseum. that thehe plays needles performed their first concert in america. -- that is the place that the needles performed their first .onference -- in america i the sound is louder than anything you have ever heard. we were sitting 10 rows back. i heard the screaming. four was 1964 and the fab had begun their invasion. 50 years later, the decrepit arena will rock one last time. >> it gathers magnitude each decade. >> mike metal was an 18-year-old photographer just feet away from the beatles. it was tremendously exciting. the beatles pluck heartstrings for everybody, not just girls. they're musically deeper than what your gender was. it was big stuff.
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>> his rarely seen images will be on display this weekend, leading up to anniversary benefit concert. alive, iting was died, and we are in a state of resurrection. the phoenix will rise as a result. colosseumcently, the -- these are some of the last pieces of what a treasure the colosseum used to be. this weekend, a mike mitchell photo exhibit and then the tribute concerts are are the end of an era. this point.n air at it is the last hurrah for the arena. >> abc 7 news. >> mike mitchell was gracious enough to share his photos. if you want to see more photos from the night of the concert,
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love on our website at. just log onto for country fans, there is a cma award winner coming to town. you may get tickets for free. aldean isy -- jason playing a concert on july 25. you can enter on our facebook page. we will announce the winner on good morning washington. good luck everybody. >> we should know by then. and not at this rate. cold weather for a few more weeks. maybe some light snow on saturday. let's get started. we are in frederick. look carefully. you see that red car under the tree? a big tree was hold up.
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it damaged the car. hit me other there were such high winds. we are going to see more things like this as the gusty winds and the trees continue to be an issue. we will have some wins here, but they will try things out or a. there should be no problems at all. with the high today. and 29 are the averages. it has cleared out. much colder on temperatures during the evening. cold air will rise. it is already bringing wind chills in the teens. it feels like 25 right now in the nations capital. it winds are strong.
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24 miles per hour in martinsburg. 21 in dallas. that is putting a chill in the air and rattling the trees. that will continue. there are bitter temperatures. that air modified that it comes out. we have-the 30's for the next two days. it will be partly cloudy. it will be rather pleasant. there will be high-pressure moving in. the chilly weather will stay. when the high pressure moves out, it will give you an idea of what lies ahead. there is another disturbance. that is the one we will track. it will be up and down the east coast. we do not know the exact effect that it will have. there are stories of blizzards this weekend. we may see a little bit of no. -- snow.
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a 30% chance of light accumulation. storm, that is not happening. i do not think so. good morning washington will get you up to date. >> ok. thank you so much. >> good deal indeed. how about virginia playing some basketball is: -- played some basketball? they hit the hardwood.
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and now the toyota's arts desk top -- sports desk. this has been one stretch for the wizards. they beat the thunder, the bd trail blazers, and they had these first on the schedule for tonight. tim duncan doing what he does best. how about this? he turns and fires. 113-107. the game goes into overtime. we also saw a reverse up and under. watch this. there is great anticipation. he is trying to beat the clock. a tight game. six points in 45 seconds and they will win.
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look at this. a three ball/. spurs beat -- the the wizards. george washington continues to be a big story. their undefeated at home. tonight, and gwb duchesne handily. another huge night for malcolm. seven assists. is down 9-1 for the first time since 1982. let me take you over to george mason by the woodshed. he got eight of his 11 shots. there, 84-67. the transfer from ohio state. the super bowl celebration continues throughout the west.
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fans turned out by the thousands cheer for the seahawks. it continues to live up to its reputation. the space started at needle and ended at the stadium. the price of a super bowl ticket was $2000. but it was priceless. february is traditionally national signing day. that guy right there. one of the best tackles in the country. damien prince. he is recognized nationally as the top tackle. he is headed to the turks. maryland also has a quarterback from st. john's, the nasa high school -- dematha high
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>> a minnesota family is taking its love of the olympics and no to a whole new level. look at their backyard. they turned it into a sledding hill. it was in a corner of the yard. the family created a small hill. it is like trying to tell a kid that it is the only way to take
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the track. >> there is no way this is the only year that they are doing that. that looks like we too much fun.
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>> what is the final word tonight? >> it will be windy. we will have a couple nice days ahead. a chance of snow on the weekend. there will be no major storms. it will remain cold. >> stay warm, folks. >> hav
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, ashton kutcher, from "12 years a slave", sarah paulson, and music from the head and the heart, with cleto and the cletones. and now, i just thought i would let you know, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ]
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>> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm host of the show. thanks for watching. i know a lot of you are here just hiding out from the cops, but that's fine. you be cool, isle be cool. it will be cool. an estimated 700,000 fans lined the streets to cheer the super bowl champion seahawks. they say it was the largest gathering in the history of the city of the seattle. i think 700,000 is more people than live in the city of seattle. i don't know about parade. didn't anyone consider it might hurt the broncos' feelings.


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